Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Week 41 Moda BlockHeads Pinwheel Star by Lisa Bongean

This week Lisa Bongean bring us a lovely pieced star. But before we get to it, let's talk holidays and stress.  Every year I think, next Christmas I'll have time, rather make time to do all the fun things I wanted to do last year but didn't get to do. While I am trying this year, there is simply not enough time in the day...I'm sure you all agree.  With grandkids involved, it truly is a magical time of the year. decorating is done, shopping started, baking barely started, sewing deadlines, um working daily on them. My holiday wish for you...time. Time to enjoy the beauty and sweetness of life around you. Tis the season and Tis the season of giving.....stay tuned.

Seven weeks to go....Have you enjoyed this journey?  If you are a blockhead, leave me a comment  about your favorite part of this journey.  Don't look, but there is a prize at the bottom of the page, but only if you comment and leave an email address. If you are not a blockhead, let me know a favorite part of the season.   Can you guess my favorite part of the holiday season? Try....

Question of the Week...Christmas presents...did you make any?  Did you finish or will you still be stitching on December 24?  I did not make a single gift this year, but if I had, I guarantee I would still be stitching on Christmas Eve!!!

Thanks Lisa for this week's block, Pinwheel Star
for Lisa's blog and the pattern

Pinwheel Star
My version includes fabric from Hope's Journey, Rachel Remembered, and center indigo print from Evelyn's Homestead....I'm trying to sneak in a few print here at the end.  Evelyn will ship in March.  The way time flies around here, that is like , tomorrow!  Fun block to piece.

And the 3" Mini Penny block...don't be fooled, the block is not set like a traditional hour glass block. Miss frugal here, saved all the triangles leftover from trimming the triangles away (narrow seam) when making the star point (flying geese units). My fabrics were starched.
 If you make your units as directed, you will have 8 light and 8 dark triangles leftover. Use a scant seam  to sew 4 units like an HST(close to an 1/8") pressing to the dark triangle. 
Trim the 4 HSTs to 2" square. 
Press each unit to the dark. 
Assemble a pinwheel unit. Press units to the light. 
On the back the seams should spin all in the same direction.
Now sew 4 light triangles to 4 dark triangles along the short side. Press these units to the light triangle.  Matching the corner units to the sides of the pinwheel, pin so that the light seams nest, then stitch. Press to corner. Repeat on all corners.  
Block should be trimmed to 3 1/2" for a 3" finished block

If you need to cut from scratch, cut 2 squares of dark and 2 squares of light 3" each and make 4 quarter square units. Trim each of those units to 2" square. Sew the 4 units together to make the block.  

Hope you enjoy making this week's blocks.

And now, here is the generous giveaway from Moda....
Merry Christmas to you, a lucky winner!
Remember above, I asked you to comment for a chance to win...your favorite part of Christmas season, just one favorite part.  And if you happen to guess my favorite, you get your name in the drawing twice.
Each of us, Jan, Jo, Lynne, Lisa and Carrie (modafabrics) have prizes on our blogs, so if you want 6  chances to win, visit each BlockHead's blog.  Links to their blogs are below.
My prize package includes a fat 1/8 bundle of Evelyn's Homestead, My book with Carol Staehle Treasury of Quilts, and 2 of my patterns.
Good luck!
Contest ends midnight, Sunday.
Winners will be announced Monday morning, December 18.
Contest will be promoted on our Facebook group Moda BlockHeads.  Be sure to visit there as well to see what everyone is making.


Until next time ~

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Moda BlockHeads Week 40 Cardinal, by Jan Patek

WEEK 40!  Can you believe only 8 blocks to go after today??? I can't believe it.  Now we are into the Christmas season there is SO much to do! 
 I'm so happy you include BlockHeads in this busy time of year.

Before we get to Jan Patek's beautiful Cardinal block, it is Question of the Week time...
Do you decorate with quilts for the Holidays?  Are they color - themed, or do they include holiday motifs and fabrics?
I love decorating the house with the quilts for the season! 
This goes in my kitchen every Christmas, so I eat with Jan Patek everyday! LOL. Jan designed this favorite quilt years ago for Her book Seasons which is long out of print, right Jan?

Here is my favorite seasonal color quilt...usually up all year, except Fall.
Hope Blooms made with my Hope's Journey fabric. Sorry about the lighting!
 Better!  An older photo.

I also decorate with antique quilts. This is a red and cream antique quilt top.  I can see the tree branches need adjusting!

How appropriate that I show a Jan Patek quilt today...Week 40 Is Jan's week!

Here is my version of Jan's block.

for the link to Jan's blog for the pattern and her applique tips.

Fabrics are Rachel Remembered, Hope's Journey and a wing from Evelyn's Homestead.  I just had to include a smidge!  Evelyn will arrive in March.

I want to show you how I applique when I'm pressed for time like this week.
 I use these super cute Kai bent scissors, upside down, to trim convex pattern curves and right side up for concave curves. 
 My usual applique methods are needle turn back basting or with Freezer Paper templates, but I have students who absolutely love this applique Paper.  It is fusible, and fibrous, that softens when washed....
Glue the seam allowance under with Sewline glue pen then drop a dot of Roxanne's glue in place on your background to hold the parts in place.  It's a time saver for me.  
Favorite though, when time is not an issue, is any style of needle turn.
If you try Hugs and Kisses Applique paper, be sure to reverse your pattern and trace the shapes on the non fusible side.

This sweet helper, lol decided to help me by scooting off all my glued parts onto the floor so she could lounge on the sewing table under a warm lamp.  Yep...lots of help[!

3" Mini Penny blocks

Here is just a slightly enlarged star from Jan's design on 3 1/2" background.

And a pieced version from leftovers from the applique.
For this block you need
8 - 1" red plaid squares
2 - 1 1/2" red plaid squares for 1/2" HSTs
2 - 1 1/2" blue squares for 1/2" HSTs
4 - 1" x 1 1/2" blue rectangles
4 - 1" x 2 1/2" rectangles
Work from the center out, HSTs first, trimmed to 1", make pinwheel center. Add rectangles and corner squares in rounds like a Courthouse Steps pattern.
Cute, right?

Until next time ~

Enjoy the season!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

BlockHeads Week 39 Framed Star by Jo Morton

November 29.  Wednesday.  Thanksgiving is over and it's time for Christmas decorating, shopping and baking to begin.  WOW.  I'm tired just writing the last sentence.  Time flies by every week and we are again.  This leads me to our 
Question of the Week...Have you started your Christmas preparations? NO.  Baking?  NO.  Shopping? No.  Made a gift-wish list for yourself? No.
Really boring but truthful answers.  Shortly after Thanksgiving I flew to Chicago for a wonderful teaching and speaking trip for the Prairie Star Quilters Guild.
I am ready to decorate and bake...the older I get the less I like to shop.  Shopping for the grandkids can be fun and they certainly put the magic in the season.
Lots of sewing and writing to do, designing and more, to do along with Christmas prep, so the most wished for item on my gift-wish list is TIME.  I wish for this every Christmas season.  Time to do all the fun Christmas things and keep up with deadlines too.  Big sigh, and fingers crossed.

Jo has an interesting block for us this week.  I made it twice. After making it the first time, I kept looking at it, even slept on it and something just wasn't clicking for me.  I'm not showing it to you.  I am happy, however with the second one which I will show you.

Framed Star by Jo Morton

Click here for Jo's blog and her pattern.

My tips for making this block is starch first before cutting and
 Bloc_loc flying geese ruler, size 1" x 2".  And, layout your parts before sewing to make sure you like the value placement.  That is what I didn't like with the first block I made, the values of my chosen fabrics didn't work for me.
Enjoy making Framed Star!
Thanks Jo!
Please visit my BlockHead friends to see what they have made.  Links below.

3" mini Penny block

Starch fabrics before cutting.
Ok, don't shoot me...1/2" HSTs.  I suggest triangle paper and
 Bloc_loc flying geese ruler, size 1/2" x 1".
To make this without triangle paper you need, 9 - 1" light squares and 9 - 1" dark squares for the HSTs.  Trim 18 HSTs to 1".  Press open if you choose, mine are pressed to the dark triangle.
1- 1 1/2" square light print for the center of the star
4 - 1 1/2" squares light print cut again once diagonally for the star points 
1 - 2 7/8" dark square cut again twice diagonally for the background to the star points
6 - 1" dark squares for the corners
I've oversized triangles and geese units for trimming.  Use a regular 1/4" seam.
Trim geese units (star points) to 1" x 1 1/2"
Center Star should measure 2 1/2", for a 2" finished star.
Follow my block for placement of HSTs.
Block should measure 3 1/2" for a 3" finished block.
Hope you enjoy making this block!

Don't forget to check out the Moda BlockHeads Facebook group...lots of followers are beginning to set their blocks together.  Look for a setting from each of us in the coming weeks.

Until next time ~

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Winnesr announced for All in a Row Again

Happy to announce 2 winners of All in a Row Again! 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every comment!

While you are all winners in my book, only 2 win today.

 The winner of the ebook from Martingale is Karen in Breezy Point!
Karen, please email me to confirm your email address for me to send to Martingale.  Congratulations!!!

and the lucky winner from me is
Please email me at with your address for mailing your copy.

Thank you to all who participated!

Hope you all enjoy making our rows.

Until next time ~

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Week 38 is Peace and Plenty by ME

Gobble Gobble! tomorrow is Turkey Day...Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  While Thanksgiving is an American tradition, the spirit of the day transcends all nations.  Be thankful tomorrow for what you have and share your bounty with others.  Blessings abound.  Enjoy your day with family and friends, and if you must, then enjoy the football games.  It is a day of traditions, and that is the Question of the week   Traditions?  Ours have changed a lot of the years. One thing we have to have is Chocolate Icebox Pie. I don't make pumpkin, but do make a Lemon Pecan Pie.   Have a wonderful day.

So was it a coincidence or planned that the day before Thanksgiving would be my Peace and Plenty block??  Very appropriate, I think!

for the pattern Peace and Plenty, one of my favorite blocks to make.

YOu will notice the cutting of quarter square triangles. No worries, they go together and fit beautifully.
I do suggest you starch your fabrics before cutting.  It makes construction easy!
I cut a square each of 4 blues for the hourglasses, then cut in an X but used only 2 of each blue print.  Only one blue print for the outside triangles, and only one light print were used. You decide if you want a scrappy monochromatic look or, if you want just one blue print throughout the block.
I also suggest pressing the hourglass units to the dark prints, flipping the intersection and making clips to press 4 seams to the dark triangles.  The units then nest perfectly.

Hourglasses should measure 2 5/8"  I did not need to trim.
The center unit of 4 hourglasses should measure 4 3/4", then add your outer pieced corners.
Block should measure 6 1/2"

Mini Penny

I modified the 6" block a little for the 3" Mini Penny block this week.  Starch before cutting. Assembly is the same principle as the 6" block with a pieced center and pieced corners.
From one light cut 1 - 2 3/4" square cut again in an X. and 2 - 1 5/8" squares, cut once diagonally.
From Paisley, cut 1 - 2 3/4" square cut again in an X and 1 - 2" square.
From a second blue, cut 2 -  1 5/8" squares, cut once diagonally.
Press to the dark prints.

Block should measure 3 1/2", trim if needed.  3" finished block.

Please visit my friends to see what they have made this week.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time ~